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 ===== Synopsis ===== ===== Synopsis =====
 +local [option] name[=value] ... 
 ===== Description ===== ===== Description =====
-<WRAP center round todo 60%> +''​local''​ is identical to [[commands:​builtin:​declare|declare]] ​in every way, and takes all the same options, ​with two exceptions:​ 
-TODO: Describe Bash scope rules in some detail. Point pages like [[commands:​builtin:​declare]] and those dealing ​with functions here for more details on locals ​and dynamic ​scope.  +  * Usage outside of a function is an error. Both ''​declare'' ​and ''​local''​ within a function have the same effect on variable ​scope, including the -g option
-</​WRAP>​+  * ''​local''​ with no options prints variable names and values in the same format as ''​declare''​ with no options, except the variables are filtered to print only locals that were set in the same scope from which ''​local''​ was called. Variables in parent scopes are not printed.
-===== Examples ​=====+===== Portability considerations ​=====
 +  * ''​local''​ is not specified by POSIX. Most bourne-like shells don't have a builtin called ''​local'',​ but some such as ''​dash''​ and the busybox shell do.
-===== Portability considerations =====+  * The behavior of function scope is not defined by POSIX, however local variables are implemented widely by bourne-like shells, and behavior differs substantially. Even the''​dash''​ shell has local variables.
 +  * In ksh93, using POSIX-style function definitions,​ ''​typeset''​ doesn'​t set ''​local''​ variables, but rather acts upon variables of the next-outermost scope (e.g. setting attributes). Using ''​typeset''​ within functions defined using ksh ''​function name {''​ syntax, variables follow roughly [[http://​​lexical-scope|lexical-scoping]],​ except that functions themselves don't have scope, just like Bash. This means that even functions defined within a "​function'​s scope" don't have access to non-local variables except through ''​namerefs''​.
 ===== See also ===== ===== See also =====
 +  * http://​​scripting/​basics#​variable_scope
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