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 ===== Synopsis ===== ===== Synopsis =====
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-read [-ers] [-u <FD>] [-t <​TIMEOUT>​] [-p <​PROMPT>​] [-a <​ARRAY>​] [-n <​NCHARS>​] [-d <​DELIM>​] [-i <​TEXT>​] [<​NAME...>​]+read [-ers] [-u <FD>] [-t <​TIMEOUT>​] [-p <​PROMPT>​] [-a <​ARRAY>​] [-n <​NCHARS>​] [-N <​NCHARS>​] [-d <​DELIM>​] [-i <​TEXT>​] [<​NAME...>​]
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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 while IFS= read -r; do while IFS= read -r; do
   line=$REPLY   line=$REPLY
 +  ...
 +done < text.txt
 +Alternately,​ you can enclose $REPLY in double quotes and avoid fiddling with IFS altogether:
 +while read -r; do
 +  line="​$REPLY"​
   ...   ...
 done < text.txt done < text.txt
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