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The wait builtin command

wait [-f] [-n] [ID...]

The wait builtin command is used to wait for job completion and return exit status.

  • if ID is a job specification, it waits for all processes in the pipeline of this job
  • waits for a specific job (asynchronous command) and report its exit status if one or more ID is given
  • waits for all running jobs (asynchronous commands)
  • waits for "the next" job (-n option)
  • waits for termination instead of status change (-f option)

ID may be an operating system process identifier or a shell job specification.

-n Waits for "the next" child to exit (as opposed to "all children" without this option)
-f Waits for the termination of the given ID (instead of waiting for a status change only)

The return status is the return status of the job waited for, or

Status Reason
0 waited for all jobs in shell's job list
1 the given ID is not a valid job or process ID
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