Bash Hackers Wiki needs love

There are things to do. Always.

Article optics and structure

Target: A more or less unique structure (done)

  • Bash compound commands - bring all mentioned compound command description pages into a format
      • (with as many sub-topics as needed)
    • SEE ALSO
  • do the same with command descriptions (printf, read, …)

Article content and correctness

In general all pages need review, all the time. If you find anything incorrect, stupid, unclear, just edit the page or write a mail. It's also possible to use the integrated discussion option (below every article).

Specific needs:

Article code examples

Article completeness

The code rewrite to mirror Greg's BashFAQ was a bad idea, it doesn't work good. A fix to not lose the links would be to invent some nifty mod_rewrite rules to forward any requests to the namespace to the real BashFAQ wiki.

Update: Just hacked the rewrite rules - the mirror is gone and the mirror URLs redirect to Greg's BashFAQ.

Future: Mirror it as real MoinMoinWiki instance. This won't happen here on the webspace, more on a dedicated server.

  • more examples
  • workaround to use long options: translate long option to short option and replace positional parameters before using getopts
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