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The Bashphorisms

Bashphorisms are aphorisms for the IRC channel #bash on Freenode. Keep in mind that this version is a snapshot, the bashphorisms are changed here and there.

I think greycat was the first one who had the idea, but I'm not sure.

Our bashphorisms can be queried from greybot using !bN, where N is the bashphorism number.

And yes, these bashphorisms reflect the daily reality in #bash.

0 The questioner will never tell you what they are really doing the first time they ask.
1 The questioner's first description of the problem/question will be misleading.
2 The questioner will keep changing the question until it drives the helpers in the channel insane.
3 Offtopicness will continue until someone asks a bash question that falls under bashphorisms 1 and/or 2, and greycat gets pissed off.
4 The questioner will not read and apply the answers he is given but will instead continue to practice bashphorism #1 and bashphorism #2.
5 The ignorant will continually mis-educate the other noobies.
6 When given a choice of solutions, the newbie will always choose the wrong one.
7 The newbie will always find a reason to say, "It doesn't work."
8 If you don't know to whom the bashphorism's referring, it's you.
9 All examples given by the questioner will be broken, misleading, wrong, and not representative of the actual question.

Please feel free to correct or extend this page whenever needed.

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