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 +{{keywords>​bash shell scripting review tutorial list recommendation}} 
 +Here's a list of some Bash tutorials. 
 +The primary purpose of that list is to lead beginners to //good tutorials// and not to the wrong ones. However, the secondary purpose is to provide information to increase quality of the linked tutorials. 
 +My experience shows that nobody is interested when you "just send a mail to the author",​ even if he links a big "​contact me" ​in his article(s). This is another try of influencing ​the Bash world. 
 +===== List ===== 
 +This is a test for the data plugin. For now, please use the next section. 
 +---- datatable tutorial ---- 
 +cols    : %pageid%, recindex 
 +headers : Short name, Recommendation Index 
 +sort    : recindex 
 +filter ​ : type=tutorial 
 +===== Recommendations ===== 
 +**Note** that these recommendations are my personal opinion. 
 +Please **contact** me 
 +  * if you have reviews or new sites 
 +  * if you're not okay with a recommendation 
 +  * if you're the author of a mentioned site (remove link, copyright, discussion, ...) 
 +  * etc... 
 +The recommendation-indicator "​REC"​ used below is a number between 1 and 10 visualized as a bar: 
 +  * <​progress=0>​ Not recommended to read, at best, don't click the link. 
 +  * ... 
 +  * <​progress=50>​ Use it with care! 
 +  * ... 
 +  * <​progress=100>​ **The perfect godlike tutorial** (I doubt I'll ever find it) 
 +^ Name (Links to review below)j ​                                                                                  ^ Weblink\ \ \                                                                                                                                                                                                    ^ REC\\ indicator ​ ^ Comments ​                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ^ 
 +| Bash\ guide on Greg's wiki                                                                                      | [[http://​​BashGuide|click]] ([[http://​|new revision draft]]) ​                                                                                                              | <​progress=90> ​   | This guide teaches modern stuff and good practises. I recommend learning ​from it. It was written by the guys in ''#​bash''​IRC channel on Freenode (mainly ''​lhunath''​),​ because there are so many bad tutorials out there. ​ | 
 +| Steve Parker'​s shell scripting guide                                                                            | [[http://​​sh/​intro.shtml|click]] ​                                                                                                                                                               | <​progress=90> ​   | Very good (not only Bash) shell scripting guide. Teaches good practices, gives background information. ​                                                                                                                    | 
 +| Bash Guide for Beginners ​ ([[#​rv_bgb|review]]) ​                                                                 | [[http://​​LDP/​Bash-Beginners-Guide/​html/​|click]] ​                                                                                                                                                       | <​progress=80> ​   | Good introduction that really requires no previous knowledge, also covers the most important unix utilities ​                                                                                                               | 
 +| Advanced\ Bash\ Scripting\ Guide (ABS) ([[#​rv_abs|review]]) ​                                                    | [[http://​​LDP/​abs/​html/​|click]] ​                                                                                                                                                                        | <​progress=50> ​   | Has a lot of information that is hard to find, is outdated ​and often unsafe. ​ To be avoided until you can filter out the good stuff. ​                                                                                      | 
 +| IBM developerWorks "Bash\ by\ example" ​                                                                         | [[http://​​developerworks/​library/​l-bash.html|click(1)]]\\ [[http://​​developerworks/​library/​l-bash2.html|click(2)]]\\ [[http://​​developerworks/​library/​l-bash3.html|click(3)]] ​ | <​progress=80> ​   | Doesn'​t teach outdated stuff, doesn'​t tell you wrong things. A good start, though not that detailed. ​                                                                                                                      | 
 +| Deadman'​s ​                                                                                                      | [[http://​​wordpress/​advancing-in-the-bash-shell/​|click]] ​                                                                                                                                            | <​progress=70> ​   | Focus isn't scripting per se. Focus is interactive use and increasing the productivity ​on the prompt. Teaches some nice features. ​                                                                                         | 
 +| Bash Shell Programming in Linux (P. Lutus) ​                                                                     | [[http://​​linux/​shell_programming.html|click]] ​                                                                                                                                                | <​progress=70> ​   | Good start. Though there are small bugs.                                                                                                                                                                                   | 
 +| BASH Help at ([[#​rv_hypexrorg|review]]) ​                                                             | [[http://​​bash_tutorial.php|click]] ​                                                                                                                                                              | <​progress=50> ​   | Shows you some nice stuff and links to other ressources. Not a tutorial to learn Bash, though. ​                                                                                                                            | 
 +| Bash Programming Introduction HowTo (TLDP) ([[#​rv_bprogintrohowto|review]]) ​                                    | [[http://​​HOWTO/​Bash-Prog-Intro-HOWTO.html|click]] ​                                                                                                                                                     | <​progress=10> ​   | Absolute crap. Many syntax errors alone. ​                                                                                                                                                                                  | 
 +| Quick guide ([[#​rv_qguide|review]]) ​                                                                            | [[http://​​~elflord/​unix/​bash-tute.html|click]] ​                                                                                                                                                    | <​progress=50> ​   | Usable as a start. Doesn'​t teach wrong stuff, shows you good practices. ​                                                                                                                                                   | 
 +|​ Writing shell scripts. ([[#​rv_linuxcommand|review]]) incomplete, thus ranking isn't complete ​ | [[http://​​writing_shell_scripts.php|click]] ​                                                                                                                                                    | <​progress=50> ​   | Practise ​oriented, some mistakes/​flaws,​ but sadly it stops in the middle ​                                                                                                                                                  | 
 +| Linux\ Shell\ Scripting\ Tutorial\ v2.0 ([[#​rv_linuxscriptv2|review]]) ​                                         | [[http://​​guide/​Main_Page|click]] ​                                                                                                                                                            | <​progress=40> ​   | currently reviewing (the tutorial is also under development) ​                                                                                                                                                              | 
 +| Bash\ Scripting\ Tutorial ([[#​rv_linuxconfig|review]]) ​                                         | [[http://​​Bash_scripting_Tutorial|click]] ​                                                                                                                                                   | <​progress=0> ​    | Teaches many outdated, unstable, undetailed stuff. You won't learn scripting from there. ​                                                                                                                                  | 
 +| Beginner\ Linux\ Tutorial ​                                                                                      | [[http://​|click]] ​                                                                                                                                                                  | <​progress=60> ​   | A comprehensive introduction ​to the Linux Command Line including ample examples ​to make learning easy.                                                                                                                     | 
 +| Beginner\ Bash\ Scripting\ Tutorial ​                                                                            | [[http://​​bash-scripting-tutorial/​|click]] ​                                                                                                                                                   | <​progress=60> ​   | A beginners guide to Bash scripting under Linux. ​                                                                                                                                                                          | 
 +|​ The\ Linux\ Command\ Line                                                                     | [[http://​​tlcl.php/​|click]] ​                                                                                                                                                                    | <​progress=40> ​   | A beginners guide to using Bash shell, basic unix utilities, and shell scripting. Shell scripting part is not so good. But good introduction on how to use various utilities in Bash.                                      | 
 +===== Detailed reviews ===== 
 +==== Bash Scripting Tutorial ==== 
 +Article link: [[http://​​Bash_scripting_Tutorial]]\\ 
 +Discussion link: <​nowiki>​http://​​Talk:​Bash_scripting_Tutorial</​nowiki>​ UPDATE: Discussion page is gone. 
 +Though the basic idea is nice, using flash terminal sessions and screenshots,​ there are many bugs or bad constructs. 
 +Some stuff I didn'​t ​like there: 
 +  * uses external, unreliable command ''​which''​ instead of builtin ''​type -p''​ to determinate the location of a program 
 +  * lacks [[syntax:​quoting|sane quoting]] 
 +  * uses ''​function SOMENAME''​ keyword instead of the common POSIX-compatible variant ''​SOMENAME()''​ to [[syntax:​basicgrammar#​shell_function_definitions|define a function]] 
 +  * uses backticks instead of ''​$( ... )''​ for [[syntax:​expansion:​cmdsubst|command substitution]] 
 +  * incorrectly uses an additional array to store [[scripting:​posparams|positional parameters]],​ disregarding that ''​$@''​ already is array-like 
 +  * uses ''​echo -e''​ and the historical control character ''​\c''​ instead of modern [[commands:​builtin:​printf]] 
 +  * uses ''​for a in `seq 1 10`''​ instead of a [[syntax:​ccmd:​c_for|C-like counter loop]] ''​for <​nowiki>​((a=1;​ a <= 10; a++))</​nowiki>''​ 
 +  * the ''​if/​else''​ stuff looks as if the ''​test''​ (or ''​[ ​...]''​) command is the only thing Bash can execute and check 
 +  * a ''​for''​ loop example that **will** explode on [[syntax:​expansion:​wordsplit|word-splitting]] 
 +  * arithmetic tests (the while/until loop examples) using the historical "old way" with ''​test'',​ not [[syntax:​arith_expr|modern arithmetic components]] 
 +  * useless [[syntax:​quoting|quoting]] of one-word strings (not that it hurts per se, but it shows that the author has no clue when to use quotes) 
 +  * weird construct I don't understand (example for stdout/err redirection):​ ''​grep -r hda6 * 1>&2 stderr.txt''​ 
 +''​twkm''​ commented some things on their <​nowiki>​http://​​Talk:​Bash_scripting_Tutorial</​nowiki>,​ I linked //this article// there. UPDATE: Discussion page is gone. 
 +Overall, if the author doesn'​t change the article, it's unusable from my point of view. At least unusable to teach sane Bash scripting. 
 +UPDATE: Discussion is available directly below the article. I linked this page, but waiting for moderator approval. 
 +==== Quick Guide ==== 
 +Article link: [[http://​​~elflord/​unix/​bash-tute.html]]\\ 
 +Discussion Link: //not available//​ 
 +This article is usable as basic introduction into the Bash world. It doesn'​t teach you wrong things, and it uses correct syntax and explanations nearly everywhere. However, it's not usable as complete learning tutorial - but that is not the goal. 
 +One point (I **have** to criticize **something** ;-) ): 
 +  * the article says that there are no [[syntax:​ccmd:​c_for|C-styled ​for-loops]] in Bash, this is wrong (maybe ​the article is for a very old (pre ''​2.05b''​) Bash version) 
 +==== Bash Programming Introduction HowTo ==== 
 +Article link: [[http://​​HOWTO/​Bash-Prog-Intro-HOWTO.html]]\\ 
 +Discussion link: //not available//;​ EMail: ''​mikkey (AT)''​ 
 +A few points: 
 +  * uses ''​function SOMENAME''​ instead of more common and most portable ''​SOMENAME()'' ​to [[syntax:​basicgrammar#​shell_function_definitions|define functions]] 
 +  * wrong description of the [[syntax:​ccmd:​if_clause|if clause]] (says "the base [...] is ''​if [expression];''",​ which is wrong) 
 +  * a [[syntax:​ccmd:​classic_for|for-loop example]] will explode due to [[syntax:​expansion:​wordsplit|word splitting]] (''​for i in $( ls )''​ - evil!) 
 +  * the mentioned C-like for-loop is not the [[syntax:​ccmd:​c_for|real C-like for-loop]], it just calls ''​seq(1)''​+ 
 +  * Many syntax errors: The examples won't even parse correctly 
 +I like the style this article is written ​in. If the points are fixed, it could be a really usable starting point for newbies. But at the moment it's unusable 
 +==== BASH Help at ==== 
 +Article link: [[http://​​bash_tutorial.php]]\\ 
 +Discussion link: //not available//;​ EMail: scott (AT) 
 +The article is usable ​to step into the shell world. It's not a tutorial per se, it will tell you some nice CLI-specific things like readline ​or completion. 
 +Only one point: 
 +  * confusing description of the dotfiles 
 +==== Advanced Bash Scripting guide (ABS) ==== 
 +Article link: [[http://​​LDP/​abs/​html/​]]\\ 
 +Discussion link: //not available//;​ EMail: thegrendel (AT) 
 +The only big problem I see with the ABS is, that the name doesn'​t match the reality. It doesn'​t teach //​advanced//​ techniques. That **doesn'​t mean** the guide isn't good! It's one of the biggest, most complete ​and interesting Bash guides I've seen. 
 +I don't want to write every point here that disturbs meIn general it's not that important since the mistakes or wrong assumptions it makes are minimal. Also I noticed that mistakes in example scripts vanish with time, the author polishes his work. Thanks Mr. Cooper. 
 +The ABS is definitely worth reading ​to step deeper into the Bash commandline world of Linux (since many Linux-specific examples are there, they'​re unusable for Unices). 
 +==== Bash Guide for Beginners ==== 
 +Article link: [[http://​​LDP/​Bash-Beginners-Guide/​html/​]]\\ 
 +Discussion link: //not available//​ 
 +Good introduction ​to bash and shell scripting, the guide is fairly ​ complete and requires almost no previous knowledge other than be able to type some commands ​in a shell. 
 +Some advice is a bit strange or outdated "Real Programmers - Most programmers will prefer to use the test built-in command"​ "​Wherever possible, Bash users should try to use the syntax with angular brackets:​($[ ])" but all in all a nice tutorial ​to get a good overview of shell programming starting from 0
 +==== Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial v2.0 ==== 
 +Article link: [[​guide/​Main_Page]]\\ 
 +Discussion link: //use the individual MediaWiki discussion pages// 
 +Additional problem: The author rates his shell skills as "9 of 10" ​in his CV. After reading this tutorial personally I'd rate him 3/10 
 +This guide has some big problems. It seems to cover a lot of material but has some pretty nasty issues, too. Examples: 
 +  * <​del>​When showing how to echo variables, it shows echo ''​$var''​ and ''​echo ${var}''​ mostly without quoting.</​del>​ 
 +  * Lots of '​test'​ and not much '​['​. Not really a "​problem" ​more a style thing. But... 
 +  * test and [ and great, but what happened to \[\[? And test == is not used to check if two strings are equal. You use =. 
 +  * <​del>​How to deal with case insensitive matching mentions converting to lowercase with tr and doing a pattern like [tT][aA][rR]. I propose a third solution: shopt -o nomasematch<​/del> 
 +  * The for loop examples reads like a how-not-to. for i in <​don'​t do this>: < $(ls /​tmp/​*)>,​ <1 2 3 4 5>, <​$files>,​ <$*>. Don't parse ls. Use {1..5}. Use an array for a list of files. Use quotes (and $@). 
 +  * The infinite-while-loop example has him reimplementing the bash select builtin. Not bad for an exercise, but it ought to acknowledge that bash does it better. 
 +  * the description for compound commands is wrong: It shows 3 compound commands (grouping with and without subshell) where two of the examples are the same and the reason given for using ( ) applies equally to  { } 
 +  * <​del>​the function definition focuses on the "​function"​ keyword, which is the worst way</​del>​ 
 +  * The initial example page for pipes seems like a good list of examples of parsing things-you-do-NOT-want-to-parse 
 +  * <​del>​the page explaining special parameters misses $@, which is very important</​del>​ 
 +  * <​del>​the page(s) about shell variables and environment doesn'​t even mention "​environment"​ so far</​del>​ some improvement. 
 +  * <​del>​backticks are **not** a quoting mechanism, they are a substitution mechanism. but that doesn'​t matter since he doesn'​t mention all quoting mechanisms anyways</​del>​ some improvement,​ but the quoting page is still misleading 
 +  * <​del>​another hint that he doesn'​t know what he's talking about: It's said that command substitution is allowed inside backquotes (where backquotes are a quoting mechanism!) - backquotes are **command substitution!**</​del>​ 
 +  * etc. etc. etc. (nearly endless list, sadly) 
 +Beside all the bashing (sorry!) above: I think the problem is the following, the author did a lot using the shell, and he knows many things. But he doesn'​t know and/or understand the underlying concepts of most of the material covered. This - in my personal opinion - disqualifies him as the author of a guide/​tutorial for shell scripting. 
 +The tutorial is under development. It improves here and there. But the code style and robustness problems still remain. 
 +**UPDATE:** Over time, the author fixed a lot of things and created new chapters. From time to time, I'll visit again and re-check it. 
 +====​ Writing shell scripts. ==== 
 +Article link: [[http://​​writing_shell_scripts.php]]\\ 
 +Discussion link: //not available//​ 
 +  * Difference between startup files ''​.bash_profile''​ and ''​.bashrc''​ is wrong ("​Though placing your aliases and shell functions in your .bash_profile will work, it is not considered good form."​) 
 +  * Reserved words (for the parser) are **not** disallowed as shell variable names (if the variable name is a reserved word, the reserved word takes precedence) 
 +  * It suggests the ''​which''​ command, which might be popular here and there, but should not be used for various reasons 
 +  * It says, variables with ''​UPPERCASE''​ names are constants, this might be a good style, but it's not a programming feature. Real "​constants"​ are made from read-only variables 
 +  * Common mistake it shares with many other tutorials: The ANSI C escapes are not recognized by (normal) quoting mechanisms, it's the ''​echo''​ command that interprets them! On the other hand, it misses the quoting style that makes the shell interpret ANSI C escape sequences. 
 +  * It suggests the ''​function''​ keyword to define a function, which is correct, but bad style and unportable 
 +  * It could use ''​getopts''​ for positional parameters, at least as an "​advanced example"​ 
 +  * It uses special parameters that represent positional parameters (''​$@''​) unquoted, and thus unsafe or buggy 
 +  * Slightly wrong: ''​SIGKILL''​ and the process stop signal can't be trapped. But that shouldn'​t really matter for daily shell coding 
 +  * "​Creating safe temporary files",​ which is about creating a unique name, should mention tools like ''​mktemp''​ or the like 
 +  * It's far from complete, it "​suddenly stops"​. Maybe it's still under development?​ 
 +  * Practise oriented 
 +  * It explains the behaviour of unquoted variable arguments to the ''​test''​ command in a nice, understandable way 
 +  * It does not use ''​expr''​ or ''​let''​ for arithmetic, good
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