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brad woods, 2012/07/24 12:49

I like your review of Bash/Linux tutorials. Been looking for something like it. About half the sites you reviewed are ones I am aware of and checked out; it is good to have a second opinion on the sites in order for me to get a better idea of which ones to rely on.

Hope you continue searching out and reviewing additional such sites. I will be checking back.

Cipher, 2012/09/22 00:49

Bash guide on Greg's wiki is top notch for a bash newbie. Thanks for this list of sites!!!

Miles, 2012/12/07 14:48

Hi, link to Greg's Bash Guide should be "". Thanks for your work.

Jan Schampera, 2012/12/16 13:29

Corrected. Thank you!

Robert Watson, 2012/12/17 09:54

Article Link: [|Writing Robust Shell Scripts]

Excellent article on using 'set -e', 'set -u', traps and other techniques to program defensively.

Bad * None

Good * Well written * Clear language * Good examples

Ric, 2013/01/12 17:21

Thanks for the awesome list!

I was wondering what you think of and their tutorials? I'm particularly interested since they have some exercises…after awhile reading goes in one ear and out the other.

Chris Lee, 2013/07/23 08:26

Thank you for taking the time to put this together. It is very helpful.

Ryan, 2013/10/19 04:45

I'd like to suggest the site . It begins right at the beginning, introducing the command line, file system and basic commands and then builds from there to scripting.


- Ryan

Anon, 2013/11/21 18:45


the link to Deadman's tutorial has changed. is the new URL, you will probably want to fix that.

eternota, 2013/11/28 07:59

Hi..first of all, thanks for compiling all these resources in only one place, it's really helpful I just wanted to ask if you know any place where I could find exercises already done

Dipanjan Dey, 2014/12/12 09:41

#!/bin/bash echo "About File Permission, $USER" sleep 2 echo "(u)=owner (g)=group (o)=other (a)=all (x)=execute (w)=write ®=read +()=add permission (-)=remove permission (=)=set permission"

Ranjitha, 2015/07/01 07:31

I like your review.

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