Shell Coding Wisdoms

  • Never use a regular expression when an extended glob will do. Never use an extended glob when a regular glob will do. Never use a glob when a string will do.
    (greycat, 22 Nov 2010, Freenode IRC channel #bash)
  • a lack of quotes is scary!!!
    (go|dfish, 17 Dec 2010, Freenode IRC channel #bash)
  • primarily, remember: that bash considers most things to be strings and is written in c.
    (twkm, 21 Sep 2006, Freenode IRC channel #bash)
  • Please remember: "Reading is Fundamental". And try harder next time :P
    (juanez, 25 Feb 2008, Freenode IRC channel #bash)
  • It is faster to find the answer to an easy question in a manpage than on a irc channel.
    (cthuluh, 15 Jul 2010, Freenode IRC channel #bash)
  • Where there is a shell, there is a way.
    (found somewhere on the net, original source unknown)
  • I think my preference for scripting too complex for bash would be: python > perl > C > Visual Basic > APL > COBOL > assembly language > manual input of 0 and 1 > PHP
    (kwtm2, 29 Oct 2011, Freenode IRC channel #bash)
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Sören Andersen, 2013/04/22 05:51

Recommend renaming of this section. In English, there is no such word as "Wisdoms". ("Shell Coding Wisdoms"). Wisdom does not take a pluralizer. Possible rename: "Random Shell Coding Wisdom"

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