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A simplified version of `man bash' and interesting bash tricks.:-)

The whole site is meant to be like that: a simplified or better human-readable collection of manpage snipplets. Maybe a page with the main topics of bash manpage that link to the proper articles would be good (I just don't have enough articles heh) - a kind of summary page — Jan

hmm maybe some of this stuff could make it somewhere to the wiki…:)

  • an article about how to do ksh coprocess in bash (:V4: may be obsolete regarding Bash 4 features)
    1. single way → process substitution
    2. 2 way name pipes
  • let's write a interactive tutorial script that teaches readline/bash (like C-h t in emacs, or vimtutor or vilearn)

From this solution on modifying the internal Field Separator (IFS) in bash I found here:

added to the for-loop-article as example, but also made some critical comments; thanks — Jan
  • My school offers a UNIX programming course (C, shell, etc.). I use this site extensively to help my friends taking this course learn concepts such as I/O redirection etc. As it gets more advanced they need to do option parsing. Therefore I would like to see a "getopts illustrated" article or some such, showing the breakdown of how it parses parameters.
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